Work of the Plenary

The coordination of the Bar Associations’ activity and the representation of lawyers in total is the main work of the Plenary. Particularly, works of the Plenary are: 

  1. Studying the problems that arise from the exercise of the legal profession and the promotion of solutions.
  2. Caring for matters concerning the organization and function of the judicial.
  3. The studying and processing of matters relevant with legislation and case law.
  4. The representation of lawyers before the authorities, international organizations and the bodies of the European Unions.
  5. The creation and operation from the Plenary of a legal information data bank, in collaboration with state authorities.
  6. The collaboration and coordination with other scientific associations of Greece, of foreign countries and in particular of the European Union.
  7. The organization of conferences  of Greek Bar Associations.
  8. The intervention in matters of national and social interest.
  9. Any other work entrusted to the Plenary by the Code of Lawyers.

 The Plenary of the Presidents of Greek Bar Associations is legal adviser of the Greek State.

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