The Coordinating Committee

  1. The Plenary of Presidents of Greek Bar Associations on its’ first meeting, creates a Coordinating Committee, consisted by the Presidents of Athens, Thessaloniki and Piraeus Bars and from ten Bar Presidents of the Greek region, who are elected by secret ballot.
  2. The Coordinating Committee has its seat in Athens. The Committee is presided by the President of the Athens Bar Association,who calls its meeting at least one time a month and has its own administrative staff. The Presidents of the Bar Associations of Thessaloniki and Piraeus are the other members of the Coordinating’s Presidium.
  3. The Coordinating Committee is also conferred upon application of at least seven members. If the President does not confer the Coordinating Committee in 5 working days, it can be automatically conferred the next Saturday after passing 5 days after the previous deadline in the premises of the Athens Bar Association. The Presidium is elected by the Coordinating Committee which finishes its work in one conference.
  4. The Coordinating is in quorum when at least seven of its members are present in a meeting. It can take a decision with the majority of the three fifths of the present members.
  5. Apart from what is provided by the Code of Lawyers, the Coordinating Committee deals with urgent matters assigned by the Plenary.
  6. The provisions concerning the function of the Plenary of Presidents are also applicable for the Coordinating Committee.
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